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A Strange Circular Tale

A Shamanic Journey

It’s almost 20 years since a visiting American Shaman called in at the Boghill Centre. On returning to the States, a group shamanic journey uncovered startling insights about Boghill. It was revealed to us that one day there would be a stone circle situated on the land – maybe two, and the group also saw Llamas grazing.

On announcing this to the Boghill partners they expressed bafflement at such a strange pronouncement and dismissed it as a weird fantasy. Until that is…. one day the Tribal Spirit Drumming founder, John Bowker, a regular visiting group facilitator asked permission to build a stone circle. Sonja O’Brien the partner on receiving the request exclaimed – “So it’s you that is going to build the stone circle” and continued “Well since it has been predicted that we have a stone circle here, I guess my answer is yes! Are you sure you only want one circle?”

The Boghill Centre with Stone Circle

The setting in 50 acres of land has a variety of community areas and meditative features and encompasses a special energy to help renew the spirit. Visitors can drop in to visit Boghill’s Interaction with Nature initiatives, to walk around the Nature and Bog trail or to experience the two Natural Labyrinths and the Meditative Barfuss walk.

The Burren's People Sanctuary

A Donkey

From Donkeys to People...

Not many people know that The Boghill Centre started out as a Donkey Sanctuary established by Lady Swinfen in the 1960s to provide a peaceful place for many of the regions retiring donkeys to live out the rest of their lives during the beginning of agricultural automation in Ireland. Under the sympathetic direction of a small team of creative friends it has made a natural progression to a People Sanctuary – a secluded, peaceful, retreat centre where visitors can come to relax, recuperate and revive themselves. Guests can be reassured that they will not be shipped off to live out their last days as an Irish pet in the USA – a fate which some of the Boghill donkeys endured!

So in equinox 2000 a stone circle was constructed in the ancient tradition using rollers, logs, ropes and people power. The following year a second construction, to replace the original stones with larger ones, was started and eventually finished on Bealtaine May 5th 2003 with the last big stone being placed.

This stone circle is used by many visiting groups as it would have been in ancient times as a meeting place, a ceremonial space and a celebration of nature, earth cycles and spirit.

We are still waiting for the Llamas……..

The Pet Spirits

Mister Ister & Teddy...

If you ever pay a visit to The Boghill Centre you may notice a couple of strange gravestones with poetic inscriptions. These mark the graves of two much loved pets who dwelt at Boghill many years ago. Mister Ister the cat and Teddy the dog alias Mr Edward, who gave comfort to the then owners of Boghill House while they were alive, are still doing their job today.

Many guests of Boghill will testify that they have experienced a light thud as a cat jumps on them and curls up snugly on their body or the push of a dog settling behind their backs while resting. Usually these visitors are undergoing change and in need of comfort and contrary to being frightened they have welcomed the spiritual cuddle.

Mister Ister and Teddy are considered an essential part of the Boghill team!

Dog and cat cuddle together

The Boghill Witches Tale

Yoga Meditation illustration

Male Yoga Teacher Required...

One day many moons ago while designing a Creative Energy Experience, the Boghill partners Cari and Sonja reached a conclusion that more male energy was required for the programme. It was decided that a male Yoga and Tai Chi tutor was essential, and in the usual Boghill way of making things happen, they huddled together and focused hard on the issue for a few moments. Half an hour later there came a knock on the door. “That will be the plumber we rang.” exclaimed Sonja “Or it could be our male Yoga and Tai Chi tutor” ventured Cari. The visitor, on tentatively entering the office said “I don’t know why I am here! I was on my way to Galway and something made me take a diversion. When I saw the signs for The Boghill Centre I knew this must be where I was going. How did you know I was a Yoga instructor?”

Young Ken as he was then was a Yoga instructor at Delphi Spa and ever since has been our regular Boghill yoga Guru running Beyond Yoga retreats.

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