Sweatlodges with Carl Big Heart

Date: 23rd Oct - 25th Oct

Sweat Lodge and Moon Lodge at Boghill

Carl Big Heart focuses on building bridges between the world’s wisdom traditions and on healing the relationship between humankind and all living beings. Through healing ceremony with the Sacred Pipe, the sweat lodge and children’s blessings, as well as giving in-depth talks, he seeks to connect us with our own living Earth roots. His work regularly takes him to Holland, Germany, Belgium and to the Republic and Northern Ireland.

“To bring true, effective and lasting healing to the Sacred Hoop of Life, we must join together in one prayer of the heart and flow into unified Spirit. Laying aside our attachment to beliefs, we move beyond form into universal synthesis. We are Spirit in the flesh. God is the life living Itself within each of us:”        (Carl Big Heart)      

Sweat Lodge Information

Logs in a heart shapeWe are pleased to welcome Carl Big Heart back to Ireland to celebrate the festival of Samhain. Carl will be pouring water for our Sweat Lodge, an ancient ceremony of prayer and purification into which we are invited to crawl and experience rebirth and renewal.

Before the Lodge, eat lightly or fast and drink plenty of water. It is recommended that in the Lodge, men wear shorts or swim trunks and women wear a dress or a skirt and t-shirt (not white) and nothing transparent; bring two towels. It is good to have warm clothes to change back into. The feast which follows the Lodge is an integral part of the ceremony and one we provide for together. So please bring nourishing food, prepared ahead of time.

Carl Big Heart reminds us, “the food we prepare in love is shared with those who have supported one another’s prayers this day and joined with you in prayers of the heart, as well as being an offering to Spirit.”

Moon Lodge Information

A Moon Lodge is not a Sweat Lodge; it is a space for any woman in her Moon Time who chooses to not participate in the main Purification ceremony. It is also available to any woman who wishes to pray in support of the ceremony taking place in the Sweat Lodge. Every woman is held in a loving, safe environment in which stories, craftwork, meditation and prayers are shared. The Moon Lodge space is deeply connected to the Sweat Lodge throughout the whole ceremony. The Ceremonial Moon Lodge is a sacred space in which women on their moon time are honoured and encouraged to pray for the community that has come together in order to heal and to celebrate life.

In Native American wisdom it is said that a woman does not need to crawl into a sweat lodge, especially during her moon flow, because she is the ‘walking lodge’. It is a woman’s time of vision when she is in harmony with Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon and is a conduit of spiritual power.

Carl Big Heart’s sister Nanatasis has been coming to Europe on a regular basis to bring the Women’s Teachings and the Moon Lodge to Ireland, Holland and France.

Carl Big Heart works by donation. We are asked to give generously in support of the important and valuable work of our elders. A separate 40 €/day fee is to cover our expenses for the firewood, rent of facilities, transport, etc. Concessions are available – we do not want the cost to discourage anyone from participating so please ask.

How to Book

Please contact Miriam Totterdell
Tel: +353 87 7416466
Email: miriamctotterdell@gmail.com

A donation for Carl Big Heart in support of his work is separate. Any exchange is most welcome.

Note: We are always looking for good, clean blankets to cover the lodge, so we would appreciate any donations of used blankets, preferably dark.